Monday, 8 April 2013

Oh ! HELLO KITTY wedding :)

is late ! 2 am oredi maa . but im still searhing for Hello Kitty wedding plans :)
HAHA .  i know its still early , but every1 have dreams , right ?

okay-2 first of all perkahwinan tak lengkap tanpa baju kahwin kan , i wish dapat la baju kahwin ala-2 macam nie

the HELLO KITTY wedding dress :

for me :)

tapi tak nak lahh sebijik cam tu , nak modifi sikit-2 . HEHE D
as for him , tak payah susah-2 nak cari coz orang lelaki nie senang je pakai baju melayu kan3 .

the HELLO KITTY pelamin of course :

kalau boleh nak cam depa nie , cantik kan . tapi nak lagi cantik lahh :) yang penting ada Hello Kitty tuh . dah nama pun Konsep Hello Kitty ^^

next , the wedding ring :

 also not forget the wedding cards . ada dua pilihan cantik sebenarnya ^^ :

pop-up cards

simple card

dont forget , wedding HELLO KITTY cake :

cake by GG Home Biz  blog(CLICK HERE) & FB(CLICK HERE)

HELLO KITTY wedding gifts :

bouquet of HELLO KITTY's

wedding HELLO KITTY chocolates :

yummy ! yeay :)

HELLO KITTY wedding doll :

HELLO KITTY bunga telur :

by Jari Manis Ent.(CLICK HERE)

sebenarnya bunga telur tu untuk Baby :) tapi aku nak jugak untuk wedding aku nanti . lantak lah !

last but not least , aku tak nak bagi handkerchiefs , mug ect. kat tetamu , aku nak bagi something speacial . lain dari yang lain .

HELLO KITTY couple keychain :

 can purchase at HERE
okayy its enough maybe . kalau aku nak tambah apa- lagi nanti aku update blog aku lagi ye . thanks for reading . see you again , Meoww !

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