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tutorial install sdo-x (street dance online)

How to download sdo-x?
How to install sdo-x?


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2. then, go to

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 Choose either torrent 1 / torrent 2 and download it .

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3. Click on it and it will automatically download using torrent .

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 And your file will be download using torrent.

 This takes 4 hours if your internet connection is fast .

 Mine took THREE DAYS ! Be patient :)

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 Here what it looks like when downloading process .

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4. click on the file and install it . Next , next , next and FINISH !

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Theme is life lesson, meaning moral or message about life or human nature that is communicated by a literary work. In other words, theme is what the story that teaches readers. The theme of this story is love. It is love between friends. It is shown when Mariella and Poppy are always there for Violet. In page 105, Violet shot a look at Mariella and Poppy a look that she needed them and they got to Violet but unluckily Violet shoved a bag full of evidence to Mariella and she was framed. Futhermore when Violet had lost Grandma Mapple’s recipe book in page 44 they are solving the mystery together. Next, the theme in this story is judgment. Harriet Blythington did the right thing to banned Valerie Eclair and Patsy Eclair from the Bake or Break competition. It is because they have been sabotaging the Bake or Break competition and it affects the contestants. Lastly, the theme is heroism. Mariella is a heroin because she has solved the mystery with Poppy’s help. Even though there are framed for being the cake saboteur and banned from the Bake or Break, they still finds a way to catch the real cake saboteur. For example in page 137 they are pretending to be the mascots for Bake or Break competition so that they can gain information about the cake saboteur.


Tone is the author’s attitude through the topic. The author’s attitude is expressed through the words and details he or she selects.
In this story, the tone loving is found. Loving is a feeling or showing love or great care. For example, Maiella and Poppy helps Violet to find her missing recipe book. They are always beside Violet whenever she needs them. In page 44, Violet is having a Maple-meltdown so, Mariella and Poppy tries to calm her down but surprisingly Violet have lost Grandma Mapple’s recipe book. Because of showing great care the Mystery Girls have to solve the mystery.
Next, the tone optimistic is also found in this story. Optimistic is being positive or believing positive outcomes. Mariella is being positive at first when Grandma Maple’s recipe book is missing. In page 50, Mariella thought that maybe Violet has lost the book because she was so nervous about the competition. Maybe Violet did not put it on the table but accidently threw it in the bin or left it on a tray of cakes without realizing it. Mariella is also positive thinking that they will get the recipe book back.
Vindictive is also one of the tones in this story. Vindictive means revengeful, spiteful and unforgiving. In this story, Valerie Eclair, Patsy’s mother is a vindictive person because in page 144 Mariella said that she is Valerie Boggins who sabotage the Bake or Break Annual. Mariella also said that, Valerie has come back with her daughter to try and win. From that she is seeking for revenge that she had been banned from Bake or Break before this.


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Major character is important to the development and resolution of the conflict. In other words, the plot and resolution of conflict revolves around this character. Violet Maple is a major character because she poses conflict when the recipe book is missing and bring to an end / resolution when she found back Grandma Maple’s recipe book. She is also a totally amazing girl detective with the ability to bake the tastiest cakes ever. She has been known to have ‘Maple Meltdowns’ while mystery solving. She worries about everything all the time. She was five when she first baked a cake with her Grandma Maple. Some of the cakes that Violet baked are Blue Tart, Sparkle Buns, Eight Layer Chocolate, and The Mystery Swirls.
Mariella Mystery is brilliantly talented at detective work. She is also a big fan of cakes baked by Violet, and most other types of cake. This evidence can be found in page 13.  She is smart as a whip, super sleuthy, and able to solve most mysterious mysteries and perplexing problems in no time flat. Mariella Mystery is aged nine and a bit. She knows that all good detectives write down important information about their investigations. She and Poppy will try their best to calm Violet down. She have a brother named Arthur. She is a
 “I know I like cake” in page 14.
“I hope there is loads of free cake” in page 20
He is Mariella Maple’s little brother. He begs the Mystery Girls to tell Bake or Bake he is seven, not five and a half so he can enter the competition. . This evidence can be found in page 14.
Grandma Maple is really well known in Puddleford as the only person to win the Puddleford Summer Fete’s ‘Best Bake Show’ award ten years in a row. One of her recipes, the Maple Marvel, became famous after it received the highest score. She keeps all her recipes Top Secret. . This evidence can be found in page 15

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          I thought that from the cover, Mariella Mystery looked girly and much too young for me, but reading it I found that it was not as bad as it first seemed. I still think it is too young for me but only by about a year or two. I would recommend this book to 7 and up. The best part is this book is in pink and the illustrations are way too cute and I cannot resist buying. This is a shortest book and a good reader who likes the story could be read in about 2-3 days, for a person who is not enjoying the book and a slow reader perhaps 5-6 days. The trendy topic of a baking show is a smart move on Pankhurst’s part and the familiar format of a Great British Bake-Off style scene works well as the playground for this nifty mystery. Little bakers will enjoy the delicious details of the contestants’ creations and the mystery saboteur will keep everyone guessing until the final pages. Luckily for younger readers, Mariella is on hand to explain all the detective lingo, so words like ‘saboteur’ won’t be a problem either.

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Mission: Convince Harriet and Spencer that Primula is a MASSIVE Cheat.

Poppy, Violet and Mariella arrived at the marquee early to talk to Harriet Blythington and Spencer Spokes. In this baking challenge if the contestants make a mistake, paper plates filled with cream will be all over their faces. But things were not going according to their plan because the judges were busy. Meanwhile, Arthur was seen on the big screen from the kitchen. There was announcement; the final challenge is going to be a Tombola Challenge. The contestants will get random ingredients out of a giant tombola and have to bake a cake using it. Mariella was framed for trying to sabotage Bake or Break. Everything seems fine until Violet opened he cupboard. Violet shoved a bag in Mariella’s hand. Mariella then ended up to Patsy’s mother and the bag slipped. There is evidence in the bag. Harriet banned Mariella and Poppy from ever returning to Bake or Break. Mariella tried to explain but no one listens. Luckily Violet was not kicked out too. Mariella and Poppy knew that this will be the end of the Mystery Girls. No one will trust a group of mystery-solvers who have been banned from cheating. Suddenly, some new evidence approached. Violet came running to Mariella and Poppy while Arthur was following behind. She tells them that Primula was not the saboteur. Mariella writes down Arthur’s new information. During dinner time, Mariella managed to get the facts about the Children Part Challenge. Mariella then suspected Patsy Eclair about the way she managed to pull her Eiffel Tower cake together at the last minute.the Mystery Girls are trying to find a way back to the competiton.
7.       THURSDAY 15TH MAY
Mission: STOP this madness!

        It is the last day of the competiton and it is their last chance to solve the cupcake condrum. Mariella is in her bedroom doing some research and have just found the Bake or Break – the Year of the Scandal. This is not the first time there has been sabotage at Bake or Break. Valerie Bloggins the scandal last time looks familiar to Mariella but she still did not know who. Mariella and Poppy is going to pretend to be official mascots. Poppy remembered the cake costume Arthur was wearing and had a genius idea of using it as a disguise. Mariella and Poppy are going to undercover as giant cakes. Poppy also made a convincing fake Bake or Break Official Mascot Badges. Mariella brings along her Mystery Kit inside her cake outfit. They managed to get into the backstage and heard Oliver talking to his parents. The Mystery Girls thought that Oliver was not the saboteur. They also overheard Marie’s mother and Primula. Both of them does not seem to be doing anything suspicious. She is always showing off in front the TV camera. Suddenly, Mariella heard Patsy talking to her mother. Patsy calls her mother, by her first name, Valerie. Mariella thought that she have knew that name before but she could not remember when. Mariella and Poppy was trying to figure out what Patsy’s mother was up to. Mariella then remembered the Bake or Break Annual. She remembered that Valerie Boggins and Valerie Eclair is the same person. She has return with her daughter to win the competition and take revenge for what had happened long ago. At the kitchen area, the contestants lined up to pick their mystery ingredient out of the tombola. It was like Patsy is going to use Violet’s grandma secret recipe. Mariella darted behind Patsy when she opened her cupboard. Patsy shoved Mariella to one side and Mariella slipped. The cupcake icing hood of Mariella’s costume slipped back over her head. Mariella tries to explain. Patsy’s mother was too angry and her handbag flew out of her graps. Granma Maple’s recipe book is in her bag. Harriet Blythington banned Patsy Eclair and Valerie Eclair from Bake or Break forever.
8.     FRIDAY 16TH MAY
What’s next for the Mystery Girls?

Things went a bit crazy after the Mystery Girls revealed what Patsy and her mother were up to. The Tombola Challenge was abandoned and The Show-Stopper Challenge was back on. Violet won the second place.  

PART 1 | PART 2 

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Today the Mystery Girls completed an important mission. Mariella Mystery and her friends’ help Violet Maple gets through to the finals of Bake or Break, a cooking competition for kids. Prince of Annoyingness, Arthur Mystery claims to be Mariella Maple’s little brother. He begs the Mystery Girls to tell Bake or Bake he is seven, not five and a half so he can enter too. Mariella and Poppy needs to gain access to the auditions so they enter the competition themselves. Violet has a book which is full of useful baking information and has helped Violet think up loads of brilliant ideas for her own recipes, Grandma Maple’s recipe book. Violet has Maple Meltdown (worries and concerns) during the competition so, Mariella alerts Poppy and they bang pots and pans to regain Violet’s attention. Poppy takes out her cake out of the oven and finds that it makes a weird fizzing noise and then explodes. Violet is still panic by that time luckily there was Poppy to calm her down by fanning her with a tea towel. The Talent Spotter then tasted the contestant’s cake and the first was Mariella’s. She looks as if she would throw up but Violet Mystery Cake is through to the next audition.
2.       TUESDAY 6TH MAY

Violet had to go to the next round of auditions and she is through to the finals of Bake or Break, on actual TV. Their school field is chosen as the location for the competition. Mariella and Poppy is going to support Violet there. Violet is still worrying about what will actually be like in the competition. It is the Mystery Girls job to calm her. She is so nervous that her baking is rubbish compared to the other contestants. They also do not know who the other four contestants are because the auditions have been held all around the country. Violet also learned to bake with her Grandma Maple. Grandma Maple is away on a cookery cruise. She posted Violet her recipe book. Violet has been adding to the recipe book her cake ideas. She wants Grandma Maple to read when she gets back.
3.       FRIDAY 9TH MAY
They have been watching past series of Bake or Break after school and Violet is getting nervous. She has to face four different baking challenges over four days. The four different baking challenges are The Cupcake Challenge, The Picnic Hamper Challenge, The Children’s Party Challenge and The Show-Stopper Challenge. Poppy is worried that she could not make her Show-Stopper recipe because the judges are very tough. Harriet Blythington and Spencer Spokes are the Bake or Break judges.
4.       MONDAY 12TH MAY
It is the first day of Bake or Break, Mariella and Poppy have got VIP passes. Arthur is jealous and keeps carrying his Bake or Break Annual to impress the Mystery Girls because he desperately wanted to be one of them. Mariella and Poppy have got good seats close to the baking action, the judges and all the contestants walked out Savior of School Dinners Marie Sloops, Princess Cake of Perfection Primula Gordon, Bake or Break Baking Boffin Oliver Picket, Young Icing Expert Patsy Éclair and also Violet Maple the grand-daughter of Puddleford’s most famous baker and creator of the most mysterious cakes in town. The contestants start to set up their workspaces for the Cupcake Challenge and as usual Violet has Maple Meltdown. Mariella distract Violet’s mum and dad because she needs to calm Violet down. Violet was getting hysterical because she finds that her Granda Maple’s recipe book is lost. Mariella was suspicious that someone must have taken it. Mariella and Poppy’s mystery senses were tuned in so it was their job to solve the mystery: A Cupcake Condrum. Even though, Violet is very distracted by the pressures of Bake or Break she is able to give detailed statement to Mariella and Poppy about what had happened. Their suspicions are correct, somebody, a contestant, a judge or a member of a crew has stolen Grandma Maple’s recipe book!
5.       TUESDAY 13TH MAY

The Mystery Girls have narrowed down a list of their top suspects, looked at the facts and tried to work out what their motive could be. In the Young Super Sleuth’s Handbook they list out their suspect’s activity. Mariella and Poppy are going to pretend to do interviews for the school newspaper. They will be watching for unusual behavior and clues. They are going to start their fake interviews for the school newspaper with the contestants’ parents. In this chapter, the Mystery Girls write down their interviews in the Young Super Sleuth’s Handbook. It actually does not make the suspects look guilty but Mariella is writing everything happening when the Picnic Hamper Challenge starts. Mariella also describes the contestants’ cakes. Violet tells them that she has not experienced anything suspicious but not for long there was a huge crash coming from the marquee. Mariella knew that it was the cake saboteur at work. They found out Violet’s lemon meringue pie is lying next to Marie’s pie. There was a voice from inside Primula’s enormous pie. It was primula’s little sister, Charlotte inside. Mariella then suspected that Primula is the cake saboteur. During the Mystery Girls were analyzing the photos they took before, they heard a squeaky voice. It was Arthur wearing a giant padded cupcake and Mariella pretend that she did not recognize that fancy dress outfit because she was embarrassed. Unfortunately, Violet and Poppy remembered that Mariella have worn it before.


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