Wednesday, 8 October 2014


          I thought that from the cover, Mariella Mystery looked girly and much too young for me, but reading it I found that it was not as bad as it first seemed. I still think it is too young for me but only by about a year or two. I would recommend this book to 7 and up. The best part is this book is in pink and the illustrations are way too cute and I cannot resist buying. This is a shortest book and a good reader who likes the story could be read in about 2-3 days, for a person who is not enjoying the book and a slow reader perhaps 5-6 days. The trendy topic of a baking show is a smart move on Pankhurst’s part and the familiar format of a Great British Bake-Off style scene works well as the playground for this nifty mystery. Little bakers will enjoy the delicious details of the contestants’ creations and the mystery saboteur will keep everyone guessing until the final pages. Luckily for younger readers, Mariella is on hand to explain all the detective lingo, so words like ‘saboteur’ won’t be a problem either.

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