Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Mission: Convince Harriet and Spencer that Primula is a MASSIVE Cheat.

Poppy, Violet and Mariella arrived at the marquee early to talk to Harriet Blythington and Spencer Spokes. In this baking challenge if the contestants make a mistake, paper plates filled with cream will be all over their faces. But things were not going according to their plan because the judges were busy. Meanwhile, Arthur was seen on the big screen from the kitchen. There was announcement; the final challenge is going to be a Tombola Challenge. The contestants will get random ingredients out of a giant tombola and have to bake a cake using it. Mariella was framed for trying to sabotage Bake or Break. Everything seems fine until Violet opened he cupboard. Violet shoved a bag in Mariella’s hand. Mariella then ended up to Patsy’s mother and the bag slipped. There is evidence in the bag. Harriet banned Mariella and Poppy from ever returning to Bake or Break. Mariella tried to explain but no one listens. Luckily Violet was not kicked out too. Mariella and Poppy knew that this will be the end of the Mystery Girls. No one will trust a group of mystery-solvers who have been banned from cheating. Suddenly, some new evidence approached. Violet came running to Mariella and Poppy while Arthur was following behind. She tells them that Primula was not the saboteur. Mariella writes down Arthur’s new information. During dinner time, Mariella managed to get the facts about the Children Part Challenge. Mariella then suspected Patsy Eclair about the way she managed to pull her Eiffel Tower cake together at the last minute.the Mystery Girls are trying to find a way back to the competiton.
7.       THURSDAY 15TH MAY
Mission: STOP this madness!

        It is the last day of the competiton and it is their last chance to solve the cupcake condrum. Mariella is in her bedroom doing some research and have just found the Bake or Break – the Year of the Scandal. This is not the first time there has been sabotage at Bake or Break. Valerie Bloggins the scandal last time looks familiar to Mariella but she still did not know who. Mariella and Poppy is going to pretend to be official mascots. Poppy remembered the cake costume Arthur was wearing and had a genius idea of using it as a disguise. Mariella and Poppy are going to undercover as giant cakes. Poppy also made a convincing fake Bake or Break Official Mascot Badges. Mariella brings along her Mystery Kit inside her cake outfit. They managed to get into the backstage and heard Oliver talking to his parents. The Mystery Girls thought that Oliver was not the saboteur. They also overheard Marie’s mother and Primula. Both of them does not seem to be doing anything suspicious. She is always showing off in front the TV camera. Suddenly, Mariella heard Patsy talking to her mother. Patsy calls her mother, by her first name, Valerie. Mariella thought that she have knew that name before but she could not remember when. Mariella and Poppy was trying to figure out what Patsy’s mother was up to. Mariella then remembered the Bake or Break Annual. She remembered that Valerie Boggins and Valerie Eclair is the same person. She has return with her daughter to win the competition and take revenge for what had happened long ago. At the kitchen area, the contestants lined up to pick their mystery ingredient out of the tombola. It was like Patsy is going to use Violet’s grandma secret recipe. Mariella darted behind Patsy when she opened her cupboard. Patsy shoved Mariella to one side and Mariella slipped. The cupcake icing hood of Mariella’s costume slipped back over her head. Mariella tries to explain. Patsy’s mother was too angry and her handbag flew out of her graps. Granma Maple’s recipe book is in her bag. Harriet Blythington banned Patsy Eclair and Valerie Eclair from Bake or Break forever.
8.     FRIDAY 16TH MAY
What’s next for the Mystery Girls?

Things went a bit crazy after the Mystery Girls revealed what Patsy and her mother were up to. The Tombola Challenge was abandoned and The Show-Stopper Challenge was back on. Violet won the second place.  

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