Monday, 16 June 2014

My wishlist

i think it is long time i didnt post already . It is because im very busy at my college . Busy with my "cute boyfriend" also ~ heee

I think all of you must have a birthday wishlist , am I right . Even if it is not a birthday wishlist it might be any day wishlist . Well.... it doesnt matter what day somehow .

This post is about my WISHLIST . I want to say that I ve made a wishlist in 2011( i think so ) and i could only achieve two things in mylife during those 4 years . So long huh? As u know im only a student and i couldn't afford to buy stuff i really want which is expensive ~ greedy me

U can see i always wanted 5 things in my life during my birthday wich is balloons ~ i never have balloons during my birthday . Sad huh :'( second is galaxy note 2 . Which is now i already own it myself on my 18th birthday . Im not a rich girl yaa that is why somethings i hve to earn by myself . It is quite expensive for a student like me . During that time i bought it for rm1700 . i tell you more about GALAXY NOTE 2 HERE

Third ; a birthday cake . I was lying if i'd say that i never get a birthday cake ever year . Actually yeah i got one every year . So it must be still in my wishlist cos i want a cake next year even though i quite dislike cakes

4th, a DsLr camera / maybe not . Im not choosy about this cos i really want a camera . I dont even know why i need a camera . Im not a photogenic after all i still have my NOTE 2 and the picture is super nice but i still list it up as my wishlist and of cos i want a
pink one !
I always wanted a "cute boyfriend" . Cute here doesnt mean that his face is all baby faced or something like that but my cute means -  his attitude and  responsiblity towards me . 0m0~ i really have that kind of boyfriend now . CLick Here

so i think this is it about my wishlist . How about your wishlist ? Do comment your link below so that i can also see your wish list . 

By, Meow