Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Today the Mystery Girls completed an important mission. Mariella Mystery and her friends’ help Violet Maple gets through to the finals of Bake or Break, a cooking competition for kids. Prince of Annoyingness, Arthur Mystery claims to be Mariella Maple’s little brother. He begs the Mystery Girls to tell Bake or Bake he is seven, not five and a half so he can enter too. Mariella and Poppy needs to gain access to the auditions so they enter the competition themselves. Violet has a book which is full of useful baking information and has helped Violet think up loads of brilliant ideas for her own recipes, Grandma Maple’s recipe book. Violet has Maple Meltdown (worries and concerns) during the competition so, Mariella alerts Poppy and they bang pots and pans to regain Violet’s attention. Poppy takes out her cake out of the oven and finds that it makes a weird fizzing noise and then explodes. Violet is still panic by that time luckily there was Poppy to calm her down by fanning her with a tea towel. The Talent Spotter then tasted the contestant’s cake and the first was Mariella’s. She looks as if she would throw up but Violet Mystery Cake is through to the next audition.
2.       TUESDAY 6TH MAY

Violet had to go to the next round of auditions and she is through to the finals of Bake or Break, on actual TV. Their school field is chosen as the location for the competition. Mariella and Poppy is going to support Violet there. Violet is still worrying about what will actually be like in the competition. It is the Mystery Girls job to calm her. She is so nervous that her baking is rubbish compared to the other contestants. They also do not know who the other four contestants are because the auditions have been held all around the country. Violet also learned to bake with her Grandma Maple. Grandma Maple is away on a cookery cruise. She posted Violet her recipe book. Violet has been adding to the recipe book her cake ideas. She wants Grandma Maple to read when she gets back.
3.       FRIDAY 9TH MAY
They have been watching past series of Bake or Break after school and Violet is getting nervous. She has to face four different baking challenges over four days. The four different baking challenges are The Cupcake Challenge, The Picnic Hamper Challenge, The Children’s Party Challenge and The Show-Stopper Challenge. Poppy is worried that she could not make her Show-Stopper recipe because the judges are very tough. Harriet Blythington and Spencer Spokes are the Bake or Break judges.
4.       MONDAY 12TH MAY
It is the first day of Bake or Break, Mariella and Poppy have got VIP passes. Arthur is jealous and keeps carrying his Bake or Break Annual to impress the Mystery Girls because he desperately wanted to be one of them. Mariella and Poppy have got good seats close to the baking action, the judges and all the contestants walked out Savior of School Dinners Marie Sloops, Princess Cake of Perfection Primula Gordon, Bake or Break Baking Boffin Oliver Picket, Young Icing Expert Patsy Éclair and also Violet Maple the grand-daughter of Puddleford’s most famous baker and creator of the most mysterious cakes in town. The contestants start to set up their workspaces for the Cupcake Challenge and as usual Violet has Maple Meltdown. Mariella distract Violet’s mum and dad because she needs to calm Violet down. Violet was getting hysterical because she finds that her Granda Maple’s recipe book is lost. Mariella was suspicious that someone must have taken it. Mariella and Poppy’s mystery senses were tuned in so it was their job to solve the mystery: A Cupcake Condrum. Even though, Violet is very distracted by the pressures of Bake or Break she is able to give detailed statement to Mariella and Poppy about what had happened. Their suspicions are correct, somebody, a contestant, a judge or a member of a crew has stolen Grandma Maple’s recipe book!
5.       TUESDAY 13TH MAY

The Mystery Girls have narrowed down a list of their top suspects, looked at the facts and tried to work out what their motive could be. In the Young Super Sleuth’s Handbook they list out their suspect’s activity. Mariella and Poppy are going to pretend to do interviews for the school newspaper. They will be watching for unusual behavior and clues. They are going to start their fake interviews for the school newspaper with the contestants’ parents. In this chapter, the Mystery Girls write down their interviews in the Young Super Sleuth’s Handbook. It actually does not make the suspects look guilty but Mariella is writing everything happening when the Picnic Hamper Challenge starts. Mariella also describes the contestants’ cakes. Violet tells them that she has not experienced anything suspicious but not for long there was a huge crash coming from the marquee. Mariella knew that it was the cake saboteur at work. They found out Violet’s lemon meringue pie is lying next to Marie’s pie. There was a voice from inside Primula’s enormous pie. It was primula’s little sister, Charlotte inside. Mariella then suspected that Primula is the cake saboteur. During the Mystery Girls were analyzing the photos they took before, they heard a squeaky voice. It was Arthur wearing a giant padded cupcake and Mariella pretend that she did not recognize that fancy dress outfit because she was embarrassed. Unfortunately, Violet and Poppy remembered that Mariella have worn it before.


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