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Kate Pankhrust spend most of her time illustrating and writing stuff for children from her weavers cottage in Leeds with the help of a mental spotty dog called Olive. She lives with her partner and two house rabbits. She has a passion for drawing snails, peculiar people, dogs, monsters and girl detectives. She illustrated of all things funny and yucky for children, doing books mostly and drawing unusual people the rest of the time. An important part of Kate’s practice involves working with children and young people to help them develop their creative abilities. This gives her lots of inspiration for her own illustrations. She is pleased that this has led to a very exciting career as an illustrator. She has illustrated lots of fantastic stories by authors including Judy Blume, Steve Hartley and Julia Jarman over the past ten years. At the moment she is amazingly excited about a new series of books that she have both written and illustrated about a girl detective called Mariella Mystery. She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, in 2002. Kate was the highest placed undergraduate in the Macmillan Prize for Picture Book Illustration. She returned to Preston to study an MA in Children’s Book Illustration and over the past 10 years has worked on over 40 children’s books with lots of exciting authors and publishers. Kate Pankhurst work with schools, libraries and cultural organizations to run fun creative workshops for children and young people that inspire ideas and enthusiasm for reading, writing and drawing. She is represented by the friendly folk at Plum Pudding Illustration agency.

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Some of her Picture Books Projects are Little Dragon, Big Red Balloon, Monsters!, Little Red Riding Hood, Who's a Cheeky Baby? and Captain Pike Looks After the Baby. Whereas her Young Fiction Projects are My Naughty Little Puppy, Make Friends Break friends, Danny Baker Record Breaker, Weird Street, The Pain and the Great One, Wasim and Mariella Mystery, which is the book series I have chosen to review.
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