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Major character is important to the development and resolution of the conflict. In other words, the plot and resolution of conflict revolves around this character. Violet Maple is a major character because she poses conflict when the recipe book is missing and bring to an end / resolution when she found back Grandma Maple’s recipe book. She is also a totally amazing girl detective with the ability to bake the tastiest cakes ever. She has been known to have ‘Maple Meltdowns’ while mystery solving. She worries about everything all the time. She was five when she first baked a cake with her Grandma Maple. Some of the cakes that Violet baked are Blue Tart, Sparkle Buns, Eight Layer Chocolate, and The Mystery Swirls.
Mariella Mystery is brilliantly talented at detective work. She is also a big fan of cakes baked by Violet, and most other types of cake. This evidence can be found in page 13.  She is smart as a whip, super sleuthy, and able to solve most mysterious mysteries and perplexing problems in no time flat. Mariella Mystery is aged nine and a bit. She knows that all good detectives write down important information about their investigations. She and Poppy will try their best to calm Violet down. She have a brother named Arthur. She is a
 “I know I like cake” in page 14.
“I hope there is loads of free cake” in page 20
He is Mariella Maple’s little brother. He begs the Mystery Girls to tell Bake or Bake he is seven, not five and a half so he can enter the competition. . This evidence can be found in page 14.
Grandma Maple is really well known in Puddleford as the only person to win the Puddleford Summer Fete’s ‘Best Bake Show’ award ten years in a row. One of her recipes, the Maple Marvel, became famous after it received the highest score. She keeps all her recipes Top Secret. . This evidence can be found in page 15

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