Sunday, 9 November 2014


Theme is life lesson, meaning moral or message about life or human nature that is communicated by a literary work. In other words, theme is what the story that teaches readers. The theme of this story is love. It is love between friends. It is shown when Mariella and Poppy are always there for Violet. In page 105, Violet shot a look at Mariella and Poppy a look that she needed them and they got to Violet but unluckily Violet shoved a bag full of evidence to Mariella and she was framed. Futhermore when Violet had lost Grandma Mapple’s recipe book in page 44 they are solving the mystery together. Next, the theme in this story is judgment. Harriet Blythington did the right thing to banned Valerie Eclair and Patsy Eclair from the Bake or Break competition. It is because they have been sabotaging the Bake or Break competition and it affects the contestants. Lastly, the theme is heroism. Mariella is a heroin because she has solved the mystery with Poppy’s help. Even though there are framed for being the cake saboteur and banned from the Bake or Break, they still finds a way to catch the real cake saboteur. For example in page 137 they are pretending to be the mascots for Bake or Break competition so that they can gain information about the cake saboteur.