Sunday, 9 November 2014


Tone is the author’s attitude through the topic. The author’s attitude is expressed through the words and details he or she selects.
In this story, the tone loving is found. Loving is a feeling or showing love or great care. For example, Maiella and Poppy helps Violet to find her missing recipe book. They are always beside Violet whenever she needs them. In page 44, Violet is having a Maple-meltdown so, Mariella and Poppy tries to calm her down but surprisingly Violet have lost Grandma Mapple’s recipe book. Because of showing great care the Mystery Girls have to solve the mystery.
Next, the tone optimistic is also found in this story. Optimistic is being positive or believing positive outcomes. Mariella is being positive at first when Grandma Maple’s recipe book is missing. In page 50, Mariella thought that maybe Violet has lost the book because she was so nervous about the competition. Maybe Violet did not put it on the table but accidently threw it in the bin or left it on a tray of cakes without realizing it. Mariella is also positive thinking that they will get the recipe book back.
Vindictive is also one of the tones in this story. Vindictive means revengeful, spiteful and unforgiving. In this story, Valerie Eclair, Patsy’s mother is a vindictive person because in page 144 Mariella said that she is Valerie Boggins who sabotage the Bake or Break Annual. Mariella also said that, Valerie has come back with her daughter to try and win. From that she is seeking for revenge that she had been banned from Bake or Break before this.


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