Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Feeling grrrrr >.< ( frustrated)

This Blogger apps is making me lose my temper !!

It is not working on my precious Note 2 .
I only can edit the title and not writing a post . That is why im writing in this dayre app.

Actually im trying to write a post about whats happening to me nowadays .. im getting easily angry at my younger brother . Why? 

Sometimes , i do hate them (both are boys) maybe that is why im not suitable to get along with them .

Ppl always say boys and girls cannot get along because of different interest.

FYI, my first brother is 6 year younger and my second brother is almost 12 year younger than me . (Im making things complicated)

What i actually dislike about my 6year-younger-than-me-brother .. he have no manners . Why?

He said that , he shouldnt have watch his manners with me . I am a nobody to him .


Should i be the blame? He said it himself .
Okayy that wasnt a point actually . Maybe he is unmatured yet to say stuff like that . So i didnt take it too serious .

What make me angry is today i just ask him to do a LITTLE favour . Not big !


Thats it . Izzit too hard for him to take it ? I know i can take it by myself . But though the pillow is near to him . He was already standing there . .

This is my 6year-younger-than-me-brother (Please ignore the towel hanging above his head or that he is covered with blanket . He always likes to be covered with blanket) The pillow he "gave" me earlier and i put it back where it was before just to take photo and upload here